Our iPad Journey at Wonga Park PS

Our students greatly enjoy using their iPads as a tool for learning.  The iPads have given students more choices in the way they can construct their understanding and show their learning. Their portability supports collaborative tasks, learning from each other and learning ‘any time anywhere’, including at home. Students demonstrate how they readily learn to combine a variety of applications to create rich content.


the nitty-gritty

We have requirements for what iPad you can bring. The restrictions are here to protect our students and streamline their learning experience. Wonga Park Primary has arranged with Apple to offer savings for parents wishing to purchase an iPad to be used for the iPad program at Wonga Park.

Link to apple.com.au

The iPad that you can bring must meet the following conditions:

  • Must be running the latest IOS software.
  • Must be in a case to protect the device.
  • iPad air 2/ iPad Mini (4nd Generation) or newer (Recommende).
  • Sufficient storage for school apps and wor.

iPad Apps

iPads are an integral learning tool at Wonga Park Primary School and our aim is to provide students with the best possible opportunities for creativity, exploration and innovation. 

This list of required Apps challenges students to work at a higher level and has allowed us to create one list for all students in Level One to Level Six. We feel this will ensure students are familiar with the Apps as well as minimising ongoing costs.


This list will be reviewed regularly to ensure reliability and currency of the Apps.

Foundation apps

Click on the image to be taken to the iTunes store.

Grade 1-6 apps

Click on the image to be taken to the iTunes store.