Schools policies relate to the day-to-day administration of Wonga Park Primary School. As a policy is created it will be placed here for convenient access by staff and the school community.

Child Safe Policy 2016

Child Safety Code of Conduct 2016

Facebook Policy 2016

Mandatory Reporting Policy 2016

School Philosophy Policy 2016

Student Engagement Policy 2016

Asthma Management Policy 2014

Medication Management Policy 2014

On Site Supervision of Students Policy 2014

Student Attendance Policy 2014

Annual School Report

The Annual School Report is a record of the school's self-evaluation process. It is conducted annually and is part of the ongoing cycle of school planning and evaluation.

The Annual School Report provides information to the school community on the performance of the school in national and state testing programs. It also provides information about the context in which that information should be considered.

Wonga Park PS Annual Report 2012