School Council

Each Victorian Government School is governed by School Council, which is a corporate body (legal entity) constituted under the Education Act.

The roles and responsibilities of School Council include:

  • determining the general educational policy of the school.
  • developing the school charter.
  • reporting annually to the school community.
  • approving and monitoring the school budget.
  • developing the student code of conduct.
  • generally stimulating interest in the school.

School Council is therefore the body that sets the vision, determines priorities, and ensures that the school is responsive to the needs of the local community.

Council Membership

Membership of the Wonga Park School Council is as follows:

  •  8 Elected Non DET members.
  • 4 Elected DET members .
  • School Principal.
  • 2 Nominated Co-opted members.

your Council Members

President: Steve Andrews (Parent representative)
Vice President: Lisa Di Battista (Parent representative)
Treasurer: James Wilson (Parent representative)
Secretary: Theresa Gioia (DET representative)
Principal: Julie Crawford
Member:  Bec Young (Parent representative)
Member: Brett Vine (Parent representative) 
Member: Jo Gilson (Community representative) 
Member: Jodie Winterton (Parent representative) 
Member: Kim Etherington (Parent representative) 
Member: Natasha Tymensen (Parent representative)
Member: Jane Smith (Community representative) 
Member: Margaret Askew (DEECD representative)
Member: Cindy Norman (DEECD representative) 
Member: Adele Brice DEECD representative)

Meetings are held in the school staffroom at 7.30pm twice a term.  Eight meetings per year are usually scheduled.  Members of the school community are welcome to attend meetings.  School Council operates an effective system of sub-committees as follows:

  • Environment
  • Partnerships
  • Finance
  • Marketing

Special Purpose Committees are formed as the need arises.

Parents are urged to consider nominating as School Councillors or becoming involved in the activities of the sub-committees.  Your involvement is welcomed.