In our learning community we value:

  • Integrity in all of our actions, words and beliefs, commitment to each other, and all that we do, with empathy, caring and understanding.
  • Respect for ourselves, each other and the environment. 
  • Courage and confidence to be curious and learn from the new and familiar. 
  • Self responsibility and persistence to achieve our personal best. 
  • Creativity, critical thinking and individuality.
  • Finding fun in learning and celebrating success.

Instructional Practices

Our teachers are passionate and committed educators who share their expertise and facilitate rigorous and challenging curriculum. Students are empowered to take ownership of their learning, discovering and strengthening their interests and talents.

Teachers provide the appropriate scaffolding with the curriculum and the iPad technology, but also empower students to investigate the ever changing tools and resources at their fingertips.

Curriculum Design

Expanding the range of mobile technologies available to students has inspired us to redesign our rigorous and innovative curriculum putting the world at their finger tips.

In the past we were fortunate enough to be involved in Apple’s ‘Challenged Based Learning - Power’ Project in Victoria. This opportunity enabled us to focus on developing our understanding of curriculum design, CBL and the SAMR model even further. Documenting the development and implementation of our solutions was challenging, yet rewarding for our Level 1 team. We are extremely proud of the book now published in the Bookstore, enabling us to continue sharing our knowledge with other teachers from across the world. You can find a link to this book on our home page.

Apps such as Showbie have helped revoltionise our teaching at WPPS. A personalised learning approach has been achieved by teachers being able to share information, pictures etc with students. The app has also proved to be a highly effective method of communication with students, teachers and parents. Parents are much more aware of the learning that is taking place in the classroom and can also witness the students' eagnerness to share and take their learning home.