Sports Houses

Wonga Park Primary School has four sport houses which are used to compete in school competitions. The school House System has houses named after local pioneering identities and individuals important to the Wonga Park Primary School community.


Named after Ida Body the first Head Teacher.


J. C. Burch owned 22 acres of land in Fulford Road.  His original log cabin was built around 1890.


Arthur Upton purchased 40 acres in 1921 and extended the existing apple and pear orchard. In 1948 when an extension was added to the school an old sugar gum had to be removed.  The timber from this tree was cut and helped to build the Upton house on Jumping Creek Road.  The stump of this old tree still exists under the administration building.


Is a new house added in 1994 in memory of a local family tragically killed in a car accident.