Visual ArtS

The Art Program provides a variety of creative activities in painting, printing, threads and textiles, collage drawing, modelling and construction.  The art elements of shape, colour, line, tone, shape, form, pattern, texture and perspective are explored in activities that often relate to whole school 'Big Idea", seasonal and current themes.

There are four pottery wheels and two kilns enabling a comprehensive ceramics program to be run. Each year the students have the opportunity to use clay to make several hand-built pieces. Different techniques are taught as well as decorating their work with glazes. Our Level 5 and 6 students look forward to using the pottery wheels and learning the technique of throwing a pot on the wheel. Each year our Level 6 students make a ceramic tile or sculpture which is displayed at the school as a momento of their time at Wonga Park Primary. 

When you visit Wonga Park Primary School, you will be able to seee all our wonderful visual art projects in action in various places around the school grounds.